Nitrogen Gas Generator
Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator

A nitrogen gas generator is a device used to produce nitrogen gas from an external source of air. Nitrogen gas is an essential component in many industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, electronics, chemicals, and oil and gas. The process of nitrogen generation typically involves utilizing a technology called Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or Membrane Separation. In the case of a PSA nitrogen generator, compressed air is passed through a bed of carbon molecular sieve (CMS) or another adsorbent material

PSA Based Nitrogen Generation System

The Trident nitrogen generator systems are perfect for anyone who wants their own flexible and reliable supply of nitrogen without compromising on quality. Trident NitroGen Generators allow you to produce the gas exactly where you need it, when you need it.


  • Produce as per Demand e Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues
  • Avoid Logistics and Management Problem e Faster Payback period within 1Year and lesser
  • Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high pressure cylinders
  • Can be used as Mobile application also ¢ Avoid unused gas in the cylinder.

Principle Of Operation

Drying Cycle: Purified (Moisture and oil-free) air from the compressed air system, Passing through one of the
aluminum towers filled with Carbon Molecular Sieves. The CMS selectively adsorbs oxygen, allowing nitrogen to
pass through at the desired purity level.

Regeneration Cycle: During a regeneration cycle, the sudden depressurization brings out oxygen molecules
strapped in the CMS pores to the surface of the beads. A small portion of Nitrogen from the drying tower is passed over
the CMS through the regeneration orifice. This results in the complete regeneration of Carbon Molecular Sieves.

The automatic cycling of the adsorption and desorption between the two beds enables the continuous production of

Detailed design of process parameters followed by extensive validation has resulted in consistent performance in
Nitrogen Series,

All Aluminium construction hence life-long corrosion free. All the joints are modularly designed non welded gasket

Highly reliable Microprocessor-based controller with LCD display of generator operations. This controller has been designed
to suit universal voltage.

Rated capacity at various purity level

Treatment Products from Trident to achieve ISO 8573.1 Class 1-4-1

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